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classic-analytics in Bochum. Headquarters, Media Center, and Archive

The Managing Director is Frank Wilke, who previously worked in a leading position at Germany's oldest classic car appraisal organization for 12 years. Christoph Pichura, who has a similar professional background, serves as a classic car expert and Head of Market Analysis at classic-analytics, responsible for ensuring the accuracy of all vehicle values issued.

All classic-analytics employees working in the market analysis field have extensive experience in appraising classic vehicles. Their professional backgrounds range from former restorers and automotive experts to lawyers. Additionally, for individual projects, classic-analytics can rely on an international network of experienced automotive experts.

Our IT department develops customized valuation concepts for insurance companies, leasing companies, automotive experts, dealers, and private classic car enthusiasts.

The classic-analytics online tool for quick value inquiries can be integrated into any webpage, including yours. Feel free to ask us for more information.

  • Database with more than 50,000 current classic car prices and 80,000 international auction results from 1993 onwards.
  • Extensive company archive with antique automotive literature, books, and magazines from 1910 to the present day.
  • Photo archive with more than 50,000 photos in both analog and digital formats.
  • Frequently quoted contact for the automotive, business, and lifestyle press on topics related to classic cars and the international market.
  • A network of contacts in the classic car scene that has grown over more than 30 years serves as the basis for our approach.


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